Family Dentistry.

How we help better service you and your dental needs.

Family Dentistry

Your young family deserves the best oral care for their unique needs. If you haven’t thought about a family dentist for your family, what are you waiting for?

Family dentists are dental professionals who are qualified as general dentists, but their interest in family dental has meant that they’ve built their practice around the unique needs of families. That means that your family members can be seen whether they are 8 or 80 – you’ll never outgrow a family dentist.

Family dentists are highly attuned to the needs of their smaller patients. That means that your family dentist is an expert at helping children feel comfortable in the clinical environment. This is accomplished, in part, by making our clinic feel inviting to kids with our colourful décor and activities available to keep them occupied, like cartoons and tablets. Children will feel right at home in our clinic, and our team loves to welcome them. Our skilled team of dental professionals are hand selected to be a great fit for our smaller clientele. A welcoming smile and interest in working with children is a must in our clinic.

Getting Comfortable

Our team greets each of our patients with a smile and offers flexibility in appointments for those patients that need a few more minutes getting comfortable in the environment. This time can be spent asking questions, taking a tour of the clinic, or checking out all the neat tools that the team uses to keep mouths healthy.

Children with sensory challenges have needs that are always accommodated where possible. If dimming the lights and speaking softly is helpful for your little one, our team will make every effort to keep sensory stimulation to a minimum. Many children feel more comfortable at the dentist if they bring along their favourite stuffed animal, headphones or have a hand to hold.

Wherever possible, we like to see our young patients for the first time for a checkup or cleaning. These services are minimally invasive and allow kids the opportunity to visit a new environment without the added considerations of being anesthetized or having a procedure performed. Even attending a parent’s appointment can offer children a chance to observe and decrease any worries. They will observe a friendly interaction and will begin the process of developing rapport and a trust-based relationship with their dentist.

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Making it Easy for Families

We are parents ourselves, and we understand how time consuming it can be to have each member of the family seen every 6 months – and that’s without returning for necessary procedures. We appreciate the demands of young families and we do our best to offer later hours and group appointments in order to assist families in getting in to see us. Group appointments must be booked in advance, but they are a great way to decrease the amount of time required to travel to and from the clinic and miss time from school, work or other activities. A group appointment allows each member of your family the chance to be seen on the same day and within a reasonable timeframe. Extended hours help you make time for necessary appointments before or after your daily commitments.

Genetics & Family Planning

Your family dentist wants to plan for the future – after all, we aim to achieve a long-term relationship with each of our client families. Pregnant mothers are checked regularly to ensure that their oral health is maintained throughout the duration of their pregnancy. Additionally, genetic conditions that are identified in one member of the family can be considered for all members, proactively limiting its progression with professional monitoring and early intervention.

If you have a grandparent or other elder in your family home, they are able to access the same care by our family dentist. This includes general oversight of the state of their oral health as well as dentures, implants, crowns or any other necessary service offered in our clinic. Some cosmetic services are also offered, such as tooth whitening and veneers. Services that are outside of the scope of a general dentist, such as dental surgeries, may require a referral for temporary care by a dental specialist without discontinuing the relationship you have with your primary dental care clinic.

Family dentists are here to help with a variety of needs, from oral hygiene coaching to good nutrition and even chronic concerns such as temporomandibular joint disorder (commonly referred to as TMJ), headaches and speech difficulty. If you are looking for continuity of care and customized dental care for your family, our clinic may be just what is needed. If you are interested in exploring the possibility of a family dentist, see us for a meet and greet and tour of our clinic.

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