Cosmetic Dentistry.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

New revelations in the science of dentistry are changing the way we think about our smiles and raising our expectations. Cosmetic dentistry is enjoying an increase in popular demand due to its efficacy and accessibility in clinics across the nation. While some dentists specialize in cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic dental services are available at many general dentist clinics with great results.

Cosmetic procedures may have the effect of improving jaw functionality as well as improving esthetics, and many patients are enjoying more confidence in the appearance of their smile. Services vary from minimally invasive (teeth whitening) to procedures which require a commitment of two or more appointments (dental implants). You may have already benefitted from cosmetic dentistry without knowing it if you’ve ever had a crown or bridge placed.

There are many reasons to have cosmetic dentistry performed on your arches such as: traumatic accidents which require false teeth, degenerative conditions which affect the appearance of teeth, as well as some simply preferring to perfect the appearance of their teeth for its benefits in self-confidence. Colour-matching ability in dental products means that your cosmetic dentistry will look as natural as the teeth beside them. A simple conversation about your concerns with your dentist will provide you with information about what cosmetic dentistry could offer you, and what would be involved procedurally. Some of the most popular services offered in cosmetic dentistry include:

Root Canal Therapy/Dental Crowns

You may have already had a cosmetic procedure performed if you’ve had a root canal that required a crown. Although it is possible not to cap a root canal, more often crowns are used to seal the tooth and strengthen its structure once the nerve and pulp have been removed. Root canals owe their designation in the cosmetic category to the fact that crowns are used to cover the natural tooth, often improving its appearance. It also offers functional benefit by reinforcing the tooth’s structure.

Dental Bridges

When you’ve lost a tooth and you dislike the appearance, or your dentist is concerned about other teeth drifting into the gap, you may be presented with the option of a bridge. A bridge is another form of dental prosthetic that sits on the gum tissue in the gap, rather than on the tooth like a crown. This dental prosthetic is then anchored to the teeth on one or both sides. Bridge material can be made in the likeness of your natural teeth in shape and size, providing a great improvement in the appearance of the dental arch.

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Dental Implants

Teeth are more alive than you may know. Once a permanent tooth is lost, the area of jawbone supporting the tooth ceases to receive communication from the tooth. While a healthy tooth keeps a jawbone strong by routine chewing and pressure on the teeth, without stimulation the jaw begins to degrade. Dental implants replace the natural root with a false root post. Once healed, the false tooth attached to the post will provide stimulation into the bone and allow the integrity of the jawbone to be maintained. Not everyone is a candidate for dental implants, so talk to your doctor about whether it could be an appropriate procedure for you.


Before dental implants, dentures were the typical solution to tooth loss. Dentures offer patients a full or partial set of new false teeth that are adhered to the gum line with dental adhesive. Dentures have benefitted many patients by the improvement in their confidence, to their ability to enunciate, and even improvement in the quality of their nutrition.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the most frequently requested cosmetic service, often being scheduled in conjunction with their appointments for cleaning. Teeth whitening from your dentist is the best ‘bang for your buck’ as far as results are concerned. Teeth whitening solutions use various concentrations of peroxide as their active ingredient. Clinical products offer higher concentrations of bleaching solution and may be aided with the addition of a special light. Since clinical products are stronger than drugstore brands, dentists also offer a gum barrier product to reduce the solution’s contact with sensitive tissue. This reduces the whitening sensitivity that often accompanies whitening sessions, but your dentist also carries desensitizing solution to apply to the teeth if needed.

Veneers & Dental Bonding

If you have chipped your tooth or otherwise have concerns with its shape or size, your dentist may encourage you to consider veneers or dental bonding. Bonding uses a dental compound formed over the tooth, which is made to look just like neighbouring teeth, while veneers are thin shells bonded to a natural tooth to perfect the shape and size. Your dentist will recommend the most appropriate procedure for you depending upon your tooth’s particular condition and profile.

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