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If the idea of dentures still conjures images of unnaturally white and uniform teeth, you might be late to the party. Gone are the days when dentures looked more like wind-up toys than human teeth. Modern day dentistry offers a natural looking result that is virtually indistinguishable in size, shape and shade from natural teeth.

Who Needs Dentures?

Dentures may be recommended when some or all the natural teeth are missing. There are a variety of reasons for needing dentures, and they might not be what you think. Some patients are concealing gaps from tooth loss due to motor vehicle accidents or other trauma while others may have heart conditions. Studies have found a strong correlation between heart disease and gum disease. The primary cause of tooth loss in the Western world is periodontitis, or gum disease.

What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease develops when bacterial counts inside the mouth are high due to high sugar consumption, lack of regular cleaning, or both. Plaque bacteria that sit too long on the teeth and gums cause irritation and inflammation as they attack the enamel. Eventually, the plaque begins to harden into tartar – a calcified collection of plaque that cannot be removed without a professional dental hygienist.

Left unaddressed, tartar forms along the tooth on the gum line and irritates it causing the tissue to pull away from the tooth, leaving a pocket. This pocket readily collects more bacteria and forms tartar on the teeth and roots as it moves further into the tissues. The end result is destabilization of the tooth in the bone and, ultimately, its loss. Gum disease can cause serious infection and can affect other areas of the body by spreading.

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The Cure

The reality of gum disease may sound concerning, but the good news is that it is preventable and treatable with a combination of healthy diet and lifestyle, and excellent oral hygiene at home. Regular checkups with your doctor are important to identify and address signs of gingivitis before it progresses.

More Than Just Dentures

For those who have suffered painfully for years trying to manage periodontitis and undergoing various surgeries, dentures can represent a new kind of freedom for those new to wearing them. In patients who experienced trouble with clear speech due to their missing teeth, full dentures can restore their ability to pronounce previously challenging words. And the benefits to our patients’ self-confidence after years of a smile that they were dissatisfied with can’t be overstated.

Denture Types.

All services performed by a general dentist.

Removable Partial:

These dentures are customized to provide the illusion of a natural tooth, or teeth, where one has been lost. Whether you are filling one gap or many will determine whether removable partial dentures are for you. This kind of denture can be removed by the patient for cleaning and is replaced just as simply.

Fixed Partial:

These dentures are also customized to offer coverage where one or many teeth remain. Fixed partial dentures are anchored to one or more teeth with dental adhesive and are not removable.

Complete Dentures:

Complete dentures offer a full replacement of upper and lower dental arches and are typically held in the mouth using dental adhesive which is removable for daily cleaning. Complete dentures do not absorb bite forces like a natural tooth – so learning to eat efficiently can be a learning curve in the beginning. Food should be cut into small portions and distributed on both sides of the mouth before chewing. Your dentist can offer coaching and education as well as fittings that will assist you in using your dentures for eating and speaking.


All-on-four dentures combine the appearance of a complete set of natural looking dentures with the jaw strengthening power of dental implants. These dentures are removable and are held in the mouth using four upper and four lower dental implants. These implants require a healing period of approximately six months before they can be joined with the dental arches using abutments.

Implant mounted dentures offer several benefits including their ability to respond and distribute pressure when chewing. This feels to the patient more like a real tooth. Dental implants require a financial investment as well as an investment in time. In order for a dental implant to be successful, it must be allowed enough time for the false root to bond to the bone tissue that surrounds it.

Cleaning Your Dental Appliances

Whether your dentures are removable or not, they still need to be cleaned. That’s because although the dentures themselves aren’t subject to disease or decay, they can still trap bacteria against the tissues causing irritation, swelling and discomfort. Ask your dentist about what cleaning methods are most appropriate for your dentures.

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